ethan van buskirk
full name ethan gregory van buskirk
age + dob 34 + september 12, 1980
resides williamsburg, new york
hometown providence, rhode island
occupation teacher, physical sciences
status + orientation Div/single + Kins 2
Ethan Greggory Van Buskirk is the second of five children and youngest boy born to Regina and William. Travis, his brother and four years his senior, was more interested in escaping off on his own or with friends while Ethan quickly adapted to the role of big brother. He doted on each of his sisters as they joined the family three, five, and seven years after him, respectively. 'School' was easily the most often played game in the Van Buskirk with Ethan taking the lead as instructor. He excelled in his role as student just as effectively, leaping to the top of his class immediately where he stayed fixed for the remainder of his educational career. Without abandoning his love of teaching others, he began tutoring other students in sixth grade and made a decent amount of money for himself over the next several years, ultimately using it to help purchase his first car, a bright red 1993 Volvo 940.

That same Volvo station wagon was the vehicle he drove to Morningside Heights all the way in New York where he moved into his first apartment. He chose a neighborhood close to Columbia where he spent the next four years studying chemistry. Despite his dedication to his studies, Ethan was a boisterous and social creature and sought out a student club to join. He never painted himself as a frat boy, and only attended a rush event because one of his buddies asked him to tag along, but he ended up having a fantastic time with the brothers. He didn't think too much of it but started warming up to the idea when he was extended a bid, accepting ultimately which was a decision he's never looked back on. He served as chapter secretary, vice president, and in his senior year, president before he graduated with honors.

With his degree under his belt, Ethan was forced to face the question he had been strategically avoiding: what do you want to do with your life? He took some time to seek out a job, finding mostly research positions, something he could be doing at a graduate school that would help progres his career later. And the decision was made to do so, applying for the following year and soon relocating to Ithaca, New York to begin his program in Organic Chemistry. He kept up alright with coursework, but more than anything enjoyed his teaching assistant positions in undergrad chem classes. After his first year, he decided to pursue education completely and didn't return to Cornell. He instead settled into a one bedroom apartment in Williamsburg, adopted a cat and sought his teaching credential.

At this time was when he met Katherine, the woman who would become his wife. It was a passionate relationship that inspired them to tie the knot only six months into their courtship, and unfortunately, the fire that they felt burned out as quickly as it had ignited, leaving them in more of an apathetic cohabitation than a marriage only two years later. Still, he was fond of Katherine as his companion and saw no reason to separate; despite the lack of love, it was always very comfortable.

It was nearly 2004 when Ethan was finally employed as a full-fledged educator, teaching physical science classes to middle school students in Brooklyn. He loved his job, but he wasn't offered as many classes as he would have liked. His eventual goal was to work at a high school, and he was able to make the transition after a solid four years with the intermediate school. He began at Burnswick Academy in 2008 and has never looked back. Not only did he find the classes he sought to teach, coworkers who didn't mind his unbearable sense of humor, but he found a spark that set the gears in his heart turning. Another teacher had caught his eye, a woman who made him laugh and understood him, who gave as good as she got, someone who lingered in his mind long after he finished his work day. With an innate flirtatiousness that made an appearance at any opportunity, he reasoned it was the same as with any other coworker. That was, until the sensation came over him suddenly, the injection of adrenaline increasing in magnitude everytime they crossed paths, until he realized that he was in love with her, more than he had ever been with the woman he called his wife.

The confession came at a late hour. Her bags were packed before the sun rose. Nothing but guilt and self loathing bathed over him that next morning, a storm raging beside him as he wrestled with the options before him. Chase his wife, or pursue the girl he loved? Instead of taking action, paralysis took control and took his relationship down with him. It's been a few months now, but he's still very much the emotionally unavailable man he is now, but that doesn't stop his eyes from searching every hallway for any excuse to see her again.

Despite his emotional turmoil, his job is what keeps him afloat and he never lets his personal life bleed into it. He thrives as an educator and loves teaching both Chemistry and AP Chemistry to sophomore through senior level students. By throwing himself into his work, it makes it easier to ignore the world outside of his career.
Leadership1st period
CHEMISTRY3rd + 5th period
AP CHEMISTRY2nd + 4th period

Science Bowl Sponsor
Pitcher in staff softball games

Also teaches:
Intro to Organic + Biochemistry
Physics (Honors+AP)

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