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blair walsh katzman
blair walsh katzman
april 2, 1986 + 29
portland, oregon
philadelphia, pennsylvania with Aera
single + kinsey 1
coowner + barista overlord at paeragraphs
artist + writer of Beam Me Up, Goddammit
Oliver Sykes
third person storybook, threads, adult or ftb
history Born in the city of roses, Blair Katzman was bred to love books, coffee, and culture. His parents, Genevieve Walsh, an elementary school art instructor, and Graham Katzman, an organic grocery store owner, already had one child, David and would welcome a daughter two years after Blair by the name of Katrina. Both Genevieve and Graham were natives to the Pacific Northwest and met in Tacoma, Washington while they were undergraduates at Evergreen College. The relocation to Portland occurred when Graham decided to pursue his MBA at University of Portland and while both of them intended to return to the homeland, they fell deeply in love with the city.

At the time, Graham was nowhere near creating Willamette Organic Grocers, instead focused on building up his farming skills by selling organic produce which he grew on their property and honey from their bees at the farmer's markets. It was a comfortable life, and the couple was happy but the money could have been better, especially with a child on the way. By the time David was born, Graham was exploring his options to increase his business size, the idea of a specialty grocery store came from his father, Leonard, a business tycoon who had difficulty making a connection with his eco-focused son. He teetered on the idea, as their pockets tightened from the costs of having a child, and after some negotiations, Leonard signed on to invest in the project.

Now that grandchildren were in the picture, and father and son would be working closely, Leonard retired from his demanding position and with his wife, Marianne, in tow, they moved down to Portland. It wasn't exactly their cup of tea, but Leonard was invaluable with his vast business knowledge and helped Graham build Willamette Organic Grocers on SE Division Street.

A little more than a year later, Blair joined the fold and would never realize the journey his parents experienced to make it a reality, as it was always just the Katzman way at that time. However busy they were with the business, their children were always first priority. As a child, Blair spent a great deal of time in the back of the grocery store after school, advancing his artistic skill as he drew comic book after comic book. Art was a love that had been passed down to him from his mother who had introduced her children to a number of mediums though their life and Blair was very comfortable with an artistic tool at his fingertips.

School was a challenge, but he understood the importance of it so he worked hard to get the grades that he did, typically a B student. He struggled with ADD but his parents vehemently disagreed with the practice of medicating children unless absolutely necessary so he used other means to get the job done, namely a tutor who saw both David and Blair a few times per week. He always seemed to have his head in the clouds, but with a solid support system behind him, he learned nothing is entirely impossible.

With his school struggles, Blair had little interest in attending college and while the other students at Grover Cleveland High School were overjoyed to get their diplomas, Blair knew that his only meant that he was only partially through and college would be an altogether new beast that he would need to conquer to reach the end point. His grandfather would have never allowed him to pass it up, so he started searching for colleges all around the country.

Genevieve had spent three years traveling before she began her undergraduate career and had told him dozens of tales of her time abroad, instilling a wanderlust that he always wanted to follow. He aimed for universities in New England, an area he couldn't even mentally fathom because traveling out of state on the west coast was nearly always a several hour adventure (excluding the trip to Washington from Portland -- he knew he just got lucky there).

He received a few acceptance letters, one of which came from New York University. When his grandfather approved of the business program, Blair anticlimatically accepted and started attending in the fall. He added art classes when he could, hoping to save a slot for an art class each term that he could dive into.

As a sophomore, he met Jessica, who he believed was his utter and complete soulmate. She had a few tattoos and was a couple years older than him, and had a kickass sense of humor. They met when she was visiting her brother in the city but confessed that she hailed from Philadelphia, two hours away. However, Blair was committed to coming to see her as often as he could, which translated to road trips every two weeks and skype dates nearly every day. Blair had gone through a few relationships in high school, short lived and with girls who liked him more than he had reciprocated. This was the first time he was feeling real, honest love as he believed.

It was with Jessica that he got his first tattoo, two roses on either side and just below his clavicle, and thus began a lifelong love of body art and tattoos. By the end of his undergraduate journey, nearly one entire arm and a good portion of his upper chest was covered in permanent ink, many of them his own original artwork.

With his degree under his belt, his parents invited him to return to Portland, wanting him to take a hand in the grocery store, but Blair's sights were set on moving to be with Jessica. When he arrived, they moved into a little apartment together where they lived happily for another year. Blair had taken a managerial job at an art store and Jessica was restless. She was a nomad and claimed she spent too many years in Philadelphia and was ready to fly the coop again. After making his third move, he wasn't so sure he was ready and thus came the crossroads that would lead them to the end of their relationship.

Blair tried to keep it together while she left, skyping with her when they could find open times but it was clear that this wasn't going to work. Blair finally called it off and to work through the residual grief, he started producing vast amounts of artwork, adding some to his body and selling some at the markets when he could.

He quit his job at the art store because he needed something new. Unfortunately, the snap decision meant he didn't have the funds to pay rent on his own and soon lost the apartment. Turning to less glamorous means of couch surfing, he met Aera who allowed him to stay on hers for the next two months. Amid their cohabitation, she mentioned that she was starting up a bookstore of sorts and with Blair's business savvy, the two of them began a business relationship that would change their lives.

Paeragraphs opened at the beginning of 2015, part bookstore run by Aera, and part cafe run by Blair. They were a great team that produced a beautiful business. Blair was warm to his customers and kept them coming back for great drinks and great conversation, making it a staple in the neighborhood where it opened. In his down time, he still follows his artistic journey and draws a web comic based around videogames and all his nerdy niches that's really just a lovable shitshow by the name of Beam Me Up, Goddammit. Blair has come a long way from the Katzman home on Division Street, but couldn't be happier with the progress he's made.