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whitney dawn church
b. january 14, 1982 in brooklyn, new york / resides in beacon hills, boston / single (kinsey 3) / graphic designer + web developer

• The Bachelors consist of Vincent Bachelor (father), Celeste Bachelor (mother), Declan (older brother), Sabrina Bachelor (older sister), Tesla Bachelor (younger sister, "tess"), Darren Bachelor (younger brother).
• The five Bachelor children have sporadic gaps in age, with Declan arriving three years before Sabrina who was eight years before Taryn. Two years later would come Tess and four after that, Darren. Joshua, Sabrina's first son, was born when her brother was only ten.
• Taryn always loved school and thrived in an educational setting. An intuitive learner, she was always at the head of her class, continuing this trend into college. Art had always been a passion, but the introduction to computer and graphic art completely changed her world and sent her down a path she's still pursuing.
• Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Taryn was a bit of a troublemaker as a child, getting her siblings into trouble right along with her. She still has a hellraiser side that for the most part has been subdued but it makes an appearance every so often.
• Hyperambitious, Taryn applied to all the Ivy league colleges, but due to her less than stellar involvement in extracurriculars, she had trouble gaining any attention in the competitiveness of it all. She was over the moon to attend Boston University and didn't waste any time fretting over her intellect when she received her rejection from the others.
• Employed by the BU school paper, her mutual love of writing and design merged to create some of her best years and helped earn her the first job out of college at the Boston Globe as a Lifestyle writer where she remained for five years. During this time, she indulged her love of design by working as a freelance web designer on the side.
• Made the bold move to shift her focus entirely on design and left the Globe to start Cerulean Graphics with three other designers. Each of them specialize in certain area: web design, print design, graphic/logo design, and web development. CG has grown since it's opening and now employs fifteen people including the four original designers, with Taryn as the lead web designer. She also works heavily in development and currently is designing wordpress themes.
• Never married, Taryn nearly tied the knot with her college boyfriend shortly after CG opened to celebrate but she called it off a few months before the wedding feeling she was too young to make such a big leap. She still wants to eventually get married, but only when it feels absolutely right. • In 2009, her mother contracted breast cancer and after an emotionally exhaustive battle for all of the Bachelors, emerged healthy once again. She just reached her five years clear milestone and everyone is feeling a little more grateful. They regularly participate in any means of advancing breast cancer awareness and research, and Taryn especially loves the marathons. She trains regularly for them all year.
  • Resides in Beacon Hills in a one-bedroom house with her rottweiler, Max.
  • Attended Boston University where she obtained her BFA in graphic design from 2000-2004.
  • She's a major TV junkie. Her current favorite shows are Orange is the new black, peep show, girls, 30 rock, parks and recreation and the unbreakable kimmy schmidt.
  • Drives a 2007 Navy blue manual Toyota Corolla.
  • Taryn is a natural brunette but would never admit it. She's been dying her hair since she started at Boston University and has never gone back.
  • To avoid damage to her hair over the years, she uses a ridiculous amount of product to keep it healthy including an avocado soak once per week.
  • Personality wise, she's boisterous and nearly always laughing. She can't not laugh at a bad joke, and is always dying to throw out the next pun at any opportunity. She's never been shy and is difficult to anger for the most part except when it comes to those she's had prior conflict with, and then her fuse is very short. she's bubbly, compassionate, and kind with a soft spot for animals, and especially her dog, Max. She volunteered at the local animal shelter for years in Brooklyn, and is considering picking it up again in Boston very soon.
  • She is extremely close with her nephew, Joshua. Born prematurely, Taryn is fiercely protective over him despite the fact that he's retained no issues from the event and is a healthy normal teenage boy. She feels more like an older sister.